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2019-12-08 02:29

SuperSU: 100 944 528 This file: 24 519 129 Support my efforts, get SuperSU Pro! Follow @ChainfireXDA Follow me on Google Download Want to keep root next time you upgrade firmware? Try FlashFire!Apr 04, 2018 When considering SuperSU Pro Zip is the file type that can use for any Android devices and versions easily. The developer of SuperSU Pro, Chainfire team is designed this Zip format for all the Android users to get the best rooting experience. supersu pro zip file

If your device is unable to install the APK file, then you can also get the app through SuperSU Zip file. The direct link to make Super SU download is provided here. Just click on it and get the required file (SuperSU APKPro APKZip file).

Download and Root with SuperSU Zip using Custom Recovery [v2. 82 APK and Zip By Sam Now move the SuperSu zip file to the so i manage to root and install TWRP recovery on my samsung j7 pro. it boot into system then i flash another super SU zip file for j7 pro for the second time it also boot into system without any problems. then i Sep 01, 2016 supolicy: livefile no longer apply default patches if custom patches are supplied supolicy: sdkX option added (required for 7. 0) supolicy: reworked all SELinux rules for 7. 0, run as 'supersu' context ZIP: Separate slotselect and systemroot logic ZIP: Adjust systemsystemroot device and mountpoint detectionsupersu pro zip file The latest Official SuperSU Zip v2. 82 Flashable file and APK are now added. We have shared direct links to download SuperSU Zip ( v2. 82). The Super Su v2. 82 is now the newest official build of Chainfires SuperSu. Below we are going to share the direct download links of Latest SuperSU v2. 82.

SuperSU 2. 82 ZIP (flashable): The SuperSU app is universal to Android phones and isnt restricted to a certain model. The ZIP flashable file is mainly useful when you need to install SuperSU or root an Android phone using a custom recovery like TWRP. supersu pro zip file Supersu zip is most trusted and popular in the present android mobile industry. Because this has many downloading options for each kind of methods. But Supersu can download on google play. However, It also has SuperSu Pro on google play. These are APK downloading method. APK was known as Android Application Package. SuperSU Pro. SuperSU is the Superuser access management tool of the future! SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. SuperSU has been built from the ground up to counter a number of problems with other Superuser access management tools. The link for flash recovery Zip SuperSU apk (. zip) is an android app that lets you control all other apps on your android device that need root access to work smoothly. SuperSU which is better known as the Superuser access management tool of the future is a very useful app in itself. SuperSU PRO. The SuperSU Pro is the best rooting tool for all android users to root any of their android based devices. This tool enables you advanced management of Superuser access rights on all device applications that need root access. It is the developer Chainfire who released SuperSU root for Android 6. 0 Marshmallow as SuperSU zip marshmallow, and it is also available as SuperSU Pro zip

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