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2019-12-14 02:02

Ball of Bandages is an item that was introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It appears to be a small ball made of bandages. It is related to the damsel in distress in another game which Edmund helped make, Super Meat Boy. Multiple Balls of Bandages can be combined to create a Bandage girl familiar.The secret to Super Meat Boy and Super Bandage Girl. I cursed at myself for forgetting to unlock Super Meat Boy and Super Bandage Girl first I still don't have them. TT. permalink; embed; save; saw bandage girl missing, I started with isaac, keep rerolled until get book of revelations, luckily first boss dropped bandage, then on my super bandage girl isaac

A man try to build a super bandage girl with his Book of Revelations. ha defeated Famine in Basement, Pestilence in Catacombs and War in Depths, believing himself master the system. But the Conquest says: NO! , super bandage shall not be unlocked so easily, go back to basement and try another time.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Anyway if I kill a horsemen in Basement 1 and get cube of meat, then kill horsemen on Caves 2 and get bandage girl, I can't get lv3 anymore because it gave me bandage girl ball. How am I supposed to affect that t RNG? D6 The level 3 Bandage Girl deals up to 52. 5 contact damage per second to enemies. The fourth Ball of Bandages will make the Bandage Girl bigger and stronger. Unlocks Super Bandage Grants one Heart Container and gives 2 Soul Hearts. . The level 4 Bandage Girl deals up to 82. 5 contact damage per second to enemies.super bandage girl isaac Make a Super Bandage Girl by picking up 4 Balls of Bandages in one run; see unlocking Super Meat Boy& Super Bandage Girl A Bandage Super Bandage is an unlockable passive item. Contents

The item and Isaac's appearance upon picking it up is a reference to Bandage Girl from Super Meat Boy, another game Edmund McMillen worked on. Makes a unique sound upon being picked up. The same sound is made when collecting a bandage in Super Meat Boy. super bandage girl isaac

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