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2019-12-08 02:39

Center for Continuing Professional Development 303 George St, Suite 610 New Brunswick, NJCertificate& Endorsement Programs The Graduate School of Education ( GSE ) offers certification programs for various professional licensures in the field of supervisor certificate rutgers

Endorsement Program in Supervision (Certification: Supervisor) Programs in the Department of Learning and Teaching Endorsement Program in Supervision (Certification: Supervisor) The supervisor certification program requires a New Jersey standard instructional certificate or educational services certificate and

Rutgers Continuing Education offers nondegree and creditbearing certificate and certification programs for todays changing workforce. Flexible learning options available online, on Supervisor Essentials Certificate Program The Supervisor Essentials Certificate Program (SECP) is open to all Rutgers University faculty and fulltime staff who supervise. Taught by subject matter experts, the program ensures that employees responsible for supervising atsupervisor certificate rutgers A student can have the supervisor make a recommendation for standard certification at the end of the first year if qualified, or any at time thereafter that the student qualifies, within two years of the certification, or within the following two years if the certificate is renewed.

Certification Programs. All Teacher Prep Program requirements are changing as of the Fall 2018 semester. If you are interested in the new MAT Street, Suite 113 (new address as of ) Camden, NJ Phone: (856) Fax: (856) Search the Site. Search for: Useful Links. RutgersCamden Home supervisor certificate rutgers Rutgers University School of Social Work. Search. Continuing Education. This interactive workshop will focus on demonstrating major elements of clinical supervision in social work and counseling. discuss the elements of clinical supervision, the supervisory relationship, and practice determining supervisor and supervisee learning and Endorsement Program for Supervisor Certification. Program Details. Area(s) of Study: Leadership; Supervision; Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 56 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ A photocopy of a New Jersey Standard Instructional Certificate or Educational Services Certificate or its outofstate equivalent. The supervisor certificate requires four specific courses. There are no test requirements for supervisor certificates. Candidates for supervisor certification who meet the course requirements upon review of their credentials will be issued a standard certificate. A cooperative effort between Rutgers Center for Government Services and the School Transportation Supervisors of New Jersey, the New Jersey Transportation Supervisors Certification Program is designed to meet the professional and educational needs of school district transportation supervisors, bus contractors, and those interested in enhancing their knowledge in these areas.

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