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The spectre vs superman

2019-11-15 17:27

Sep 04, 2017  The Spectre is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe and was created to unleash the Wrath of God, but is he unbeatable? Cosmic Armor Supermantechnically couldnt superman win, I remember spectre lost to darkseid because the source just resurected darkseid when the spectre tried to kill him DS represents the dark side of the Source so the Spectre couldn't kill him without somehow compromising the Source itself. the spectre vs superman

In the series The Spectre (vol. 4), written by J. M. DeMatteis, Jordan bends the Spectre's mission from one of vengeance to one of redemption, and making appearances elsewhere in the DC Universe, such as advising Superman during the Emperor Joker storyline or helping Wally West keep his family safe by erasing public knowledge of his true identity.

Spectre. Originally posted by Brockalizer Specter, with full backing of the presence. vs Superman, with cosmic armor and a 48 hour sun dip. Nov 11, 2014 Spectre 1010. This is a spite thread. Superman couldn't save Atoms's universe with all his power and technology. He also needed Hourman's help to restore Louise Lane and Krypton. Compare that to Parallax who ended and destroyed and recreated his universe and had the power to do the same to other universes, and Hal became more powerful as the Spectre.the spectre vs superman Spectre kills any version of Superman easily you wish, batman fanboy Not every version, but the majority lose to Spectre including prime.

Sep 08, 2006 Best Answer: While Superman may be strong to take on most people he is still vulnerable to magic. The Spectre is probably the most powerful magical (and non magical) force in the DC Universe. During the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths the Spectre was the only person who could fight on equal terms with the spectre vs superman Feb 27, 2014 The Spirit of Vengeance The Spectre vs. The One Who Killed Superman Doomsday. Who of these Cosmic entities and Titans of Power do you have comin' out the victor in this 9th Deathmatch? If you Spectre vs Superman Aztar vs KalEl Created by: clamulct21. Log in. Please login to vote. Character 1 Superman Prime 1M has mastered virtually every power in the known universe, magical or otherwise, so he could probably banish the Spectre just like Nekron does in Blackest Night. permalink embed Intimidation: The Spectre excels at being able to intimidate and frighten his adversaries. This is usually done through showy spectacles such as assuming a monstrous appearance, growing in size, projecting a loud, booming voice, etc.

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