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Sonic 3 super sonic theme remix

2019-11-12 06:49

My primary inspiration behind the remix was Sonic Adventure. The Adventure games had a punk rock sound that I really dig, and I really wanted to set out on a remix that would reflect what I think Sonic Boom would sound like if it were in one of those games.Download Invincibility Sonic Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Knuckles Music Extended and Sonic Knuckles Super Sonic Theme mp3 for mobile sonic 3 super sonic theme remix

Jul 29, 2008 Sonic Generations (PC) Dark Super Sonic VS Silver The Hedgehog! 4: 58 SEGA Superstars Tennis: Sonic& Amy vs Shadow& Dr. Eggman Sonic The Hedgehog Court [1080 HD

This may be my favorite Sonic remix on the site. It's definitely in the top 3 at least. When the theme finally kicks in at 1: 28, I get shivers. This has variety, stays close enough to the original without being a carbon copy, and it just sounds incredible. Absolutely amazing. Sonic the Hedgehog is a 2014 computeranimated film based on SEGA's uberpopular Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. The film's story will retell Sonic 's first meetings with Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose; and his first encounter against Dr. Robotnik.sonic 3 super sonic theme remix My rendition of the final boss theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Similar to how I did the Flying Battery remix, I slowed the tempo down to a clubish tempo. The end result is something thats not as hetic as the orginal, more of a laid back vibe.

Classic Sonic fans made Sonic Mania, and it was the best Sonic game since Sonic 3. And then Sonic Forces came out for shit Sonic and Sega became a laughing stock again. Log in to Reply sonic 3 super sonic theme remix Download Super Sonic Vs Perfect Chaos Theme Song and Sonic X Super Sonic VS Perfect Chaos Dublado 1080p HD mp3 for mobile Super Mario World Castle Theme(Sega Genesis Remix) After many iterations, I decided to settle on this Streets of Rage inspired version of the Castle Theme. Remade using various Sega instruments. Super Sonic World& Knuckles The Kaizo Fortress. Adrien Sebbane 1 months ago. Nicely done! : ) Raul Gamer 1 months ago. 1: 46 DISNEY CASTLE. Raul A SNES version of the Marble Garden Zone Act 1 theme from the Sonic SNES Trilogy album. A collaboration between MixerProductions and Yuzoboy. Jul 14, 2015 Watch video Goku Turns SSJ For The Androids (Vegeta's SSJ Theme REMIX)

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