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2019-12-09 07:16

If you have any questions about the tests please contact If you are going to take part in more than one test please use the same personal ID code for each test so that we can match up your results.The Metropolitan Police has a team of superrecognisers police officers who are very good at recognising faces in a crowd who can identify people committing crimes on CCTV. super recognisers test channel 4

super recognisers can recognise up to 80 of faces. a score of 10 or above might make you a super recogniser. So, TAKE THE TEST and see how you do. Who knows, there might be a

Notice that even the best superrecognisers were far from maxingout this test. This was a hard task! Nevertheless, one of the Australian superrecognisers posted a quite remarkable score of 79. Super recognisers are being used by police in the UK to help spot criminals in CCTV or in large crowds The test involves looking at different faces for eight seconds each before identifying one insuper recognisers test channel 4 Feb 26, 2017  Superrecognizers are the heroes you never knew existed. They skulk in the shadows, fighting crime one person at a time by being really, really good at

One of Yotis own superrecognisers, Zoe, is using her unique facial recognition skills to track down fugitives in tonights episode of Channel 4s ontherun reality show, Hunted. In the Spotlight with Zoe, SuperRecogniser at Yoti 04 January 2018 Company News, whatsnewios, whatsnewandroid, The second test is more indepth super recognisers test channel 4 Are you a super recogniser? Take the quiz. These super recognisers would be expected to excel on tests like the Cambridge Face Memory Test, and many scientists are now testing whether After you agree to take part in the test (page 1), you'll come to a page with a few questions about yourself. After the test is over, make sure to enter your email address so that we can find your data. You can also get in touch with us with your score by emailing In 2012 on 60 Minutes, we met Jennifer Jarett, a superrecognizer who described her remarkable ability to Lesley Stahl and aced a superrecognizer quiz called The Before They Were Famous test. The second test was executing 4 tasks at once. Memorize short list of letters, keep the petrol gauge when it gets low, answer the maths problems and click the alert button when you hear a beep. The latest scientific research has discovered that two per cent of us are superrecognisers who can remember faces they've only ever seen once

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