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2019-12-13 10:12

The XindiPrimate Ateleth Dreadnought Cruiser is a heavily updated and more advanced version of the XindiPrimate warships encountered during the Xindi Crisis in the mid22nd century. Superweapon Ingenuity: Bonus Beam: Overload I Star Trek Online content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of CBS Studios Inc. or its licensorsJun 09, 2011 Xindi superweapon vs. Death Star Mk 1 vs. Planet Killer. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next derneuejonathan. On one hand, the Xindi superweapon from Star Trek, Enterprise. On the other hand, the Death Star 1 from ST: ANH. wherever a rebel base andor unfortunate target is found, leaving just Empire worlds. For Star Trek Enterprise's Xindi, the human star trek xindi superweapon

In the mid22nd Century, the Guardians warned them that humanity was going to pose a threat to them in four hundred years, and urged them to build a superweapon in order to destroy Earth. In 2153, the Xindi deployed a prototype version of the weapon, which devastated small parts of Florida and Venezuela, killing over seven million humans.

Why did the Xindi test a minisuperweapon on Earth? Ask Question 28. 1. At the end of season two in Star Trek: Enterprise, the Xindi attack earth with their prototype minisuperweapon, killing 7 million humans and some alligators. This precipitates all the events of season three, where the protagonists attempt to stop the real superweapon. However, the superweapon departs for Earth, with Archer in pursuit on board a Xindi vessel. Countdown was the first collaboration between writers Andr Bormanis and Chris Black, and was directed by former Star Trek: Voyager actor Robert Duncan McNeill. It was shot over eight days, with additional sets built for the XindiReptilian vessel andstar trek xindi superweapon Feb 12, 2008  Xindi Superweapon vs A Borg Tactical Cube, which one would win? The Xindi tested their prototype superweapon on Earth; the Borg invaded Federation space in order to deploy timetravel technology. T'Bonz on Dec 12 Star Trek Waypoint Special# 1

The third season embraces a heavily serialized format initially dedicated to the search for a Xindi superweapon. It focuses on the Enterprise NX01's mission to prevent a second, Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3: Episode guide at StarTrek. com; Season 3 on Memory Alpha; Season 3 on IMDb star trek xindi superweapon The Xindi superweapon was a massive mobile particle beam weapon designed to destroy entire planets. It was built by the Xindi in the 22nd century who hoped to destroy the planet Earth to prevent the destruction of their future homeworld by Humans in the 26th century, as they had been told would Dec 03, 2018 What's up Lore Masters, We're taking a look at the Xindi in the series. . specifically the Xindi Super Weapon. What do you guys think about it? Do you like it Part of the video game Star Trek: Encounters involves Enterprise's search for the Xindi weapon. In the game's final level, a temporal anomaly makes the weapon, a Xindi fleet, and Enterprise appear in the 24th century, where it is destroyed thanks to both the Enterprise NX01, and the USS EnterpriseE.

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